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Survivors' Center

Survivors of abuse at the hands of church leaders, members, and leaders of Christian institutions are the primary focus at PorchSwing Ministries, Inc.

Safe Space for Survivors

PorchSwing seeks to offer a safe space where church abuse survivors can find Kingdom community in ways that feel safe, where they can share with one another in caring and healing conversations, and provide ways into the vibrant Kingdom life yearn for.

To that end, PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. provides myriad opportunity for connection and services for survivors, their families, and those who care for them.


Training & Consultation

Preventing abuse and improving care for abuse survivors is part and parcel with ministering to the survivors themselves. PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. offers consultation and training for churches, church leaders, and Christian institutions. 


PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. does NOT offer any form of nor should it replace counseling or therapy services. Healing from trauma and abuse is a multi-faceted process and survivors ore encouraged to engage in therapeutic processes with appropriately licensed practitioners in their local area.  Nothing said or done by PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. Trustees, employees, guest writers, or anyone else affiliated with PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. should be construed in any way as counseling or therapy.
PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. does NOT provide emergency care in life-threatening situations.
*If you or the person you are with is experiencing a life-threatening emergency such as suicidal or homicidal thinking, or any other life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room immediately.

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