Membership Agreement

Welcome to the PorchSwing Ministries, Inc Survivor's Forum. In order to provide as much Safe Space as possible, the following is a set of policies every member is invited to agree to abide by these policies upon entering and for the duration of membership in this forum. Any member breaking covenant by violating any of these policies will be removed from the forum by an admin immediately for the purpose of maintaining the Safe Space of the Forum.


1. Absolute Confidentiality of Content and Member Identity. What is said here and who is seen here must stay here.


2. Kind and Caring Atmosphere. Dialogue and disagreement are healthy and lead to growth and healing when experienced in a safe and trusting environment. At PorchSwing Ministries, Inc, we encourage lively conversation that engages truth and honesty and pushes and pulls us all towards our better selves and a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. We also recognize the steadfast lovingkindness of God evident in all of God's interactions and seek to reflect them in all of ours.


3. No Trolling. Trolls come here to die.

4. Heed our Purpose. Content that clearly operates against our purpose of creating Safe Space for healing and community will be removed at the discretion of Admins and Moderators.

5. Take Care of Yourself Here. As much as we seek to create Safe Space here, we are all only known to one another via online personas. Should you choose to create a relationship with a member on your own outside of this site, PorchSwing Ministries, Inc cannot be responsible for the outcome of such relationships. Be wise and take care.


By becoming a Member of PorchSwing Ministries, Inc Survivor's Forum you agree to abide by these policies upon entering and for the duration of membership in this forum. You may do so by adding your name in a comment on this post.

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