Feb 24

God IS moving.


This morning I am drawing strength for the week by praising God for what IS happening that is shining light in the darkness of the church, and cleaning house in the Body of Christ. Jesus is in the temple with his whip. The house I was hurt in may never be exposed, those deceived sheep may never know the truth. I am trying to detach from that justice I so long for and thank God for what IS happening. Let’s all pray this issue moves out of only activist consciousness and into the mainstream general knowledge of the average church-goer: That all will know they need to watch out for, report and protect against predators in church environments.

Yes, and they don’t know they don’t know-Jesus said, those with ears let them hear, but in our urgent days, I’d say that’s not good enough. We must speak and speak, maybe they won’t hear, but, ok, switching parables... the persistent widow who kept bugging the judge for justice til he heard her pleas! I have a friend who hasn’t called for 2 months, cuz I was angry she said the children abused by priests were no longer “incidentals” - meaning the true injury was to the church. She said she knew I was upset the last time we talked and hoped I was feeling better by now! WTF? No, I will not feel better til abuse is exposed for the crime, sin, sacrilege it is, and nobody gets a pass for abusing another person, ever. I can’t let her be “one without ears” cuz her f*cking attitude is why this goes on and on and on.

I wrote this in my journal a couple of days ago: Sometimes it’s just “they don’t know any better.” Sometimes it’s me who doesn’t know any better, and sometimes it’s them. Because you don’t know what you don’t know. I pray a lot that Jesus will set the prisoners free, give eyes to see and ears to hear. Including myself in that, because I recognize how ignorant I have been in the past about a multitude of issues, and I am certain I still am on still more issues.

@AlwaysGoing We keep saying...they don't know any better. I do too. I want it to be that way. But at some point I have to ask, "How can they still not know any better?" When will the evidence be piled too high that they cannot know any better? When will the expert resources be too vast that they cannot prevent too well and care for survivors too much to have excuse anymore? I know only God can know for sure. But at some point, we will have to stop saying, they don't know and start saying, it's time to know, folks, it's way past time to know. When a person has been convicted of the crime and church people continue to support the felon and shun the victim. It's time. Yet I hear you. We are so conditioned to doubt ourselves. To question our hearts and minds. To wonder if we are the ones not seeing and hearing. Every time someone says something like it's a he said/she said thing they imply there were no witnesses. Except there were two witnesses. A victim and a perpetrator. Two witnesses! Both with everything to lose. Yet the assumption tends towards the victim will lie and the perpetrator will not. So we are conditioned to not trust our own eyes and ears. How can we, then know any better.


Sigh. Blessings and love, my PorchSwingers.

Oh, very very good comment to think on. You are correct, of course. I think my case may be a teeny bit different because the offender is very much using mind control on his followers and it’s more like a cult. I have heard them talk about him much more than I have heard them talk about Jesus. No one in a cult realizes they are in a cult. They are not thinking for themselves. I think that is where I am coming from, because I am focused in my little piece of this. When I draw back and look at the bigger picture of what God is working out: 1. I am encouraged, 2. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Keep shining that light please. This “silenced” one is rooting you on.

I hear that well. I was silenced for years. When I finally began to speak it was frightening—and I already had a wide and broad and deep network across the country. Yet I feared a tiny pocket of church people who told me not to talk about what my ex-husband and their former minister had done And what they had done in the aftermath. I find myself still saying they are good peolke don’t know better. They do not know what they do.


You are absolutely correct that a cult is a whole different ball game of comlete control.


Yet we all keep saying the same things.

Great way of looking at this. Thanks.

I sometimes will say I am blind as they are as a way to keep from being angry at them. If they are sinner and I am sinner, we are all in the same boat. Pot calling the kettle black- all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But if I am afraid to say what I really think I usually soften my words by saying sometimes they sin, but I sin too, so it’s no big deal. It is hard to stand in righteous anger( I fear being called self-righteous)- maybe this is a way I am shrinking for Jesus. With cults, so much brainwashing if you’re in it from birth. But adults who join are looking for something- and cult leaders are so good at taking care of you until you are trapped. I bet everyone asks questions of themselves, even in cults, but many will dismiss the question and allow the cult to be the truth. Horrible horrible horrible. So so glad you are free!

Of course we are all sinners. But do I intentionally sin to damage others? No. Do I sorrow when I discover I have sinned and hurt another? Yes. Do I stop and change my ways? Yes. Do I say I am so very sorry and take responsibility and make amends? Yes. And I am certain you do as well. That is God's path for all sinners. Unrepentant abusers do not do this--though they may appear to with words, their actions belie the words.


God is angry at such things. We are created with anger for a purpose. To feel and to see ongoing evil and protect ourselves and others against, to name two reasons. We are called not to sin in our anger or allow it to fester into bitterness for all mankind. But we are called to experience it and do something with it.

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