Feb 2



You have been asking when is this coming?


I sincerely and deeply apologize for the delay. It has absolutely not been forgotten, but you deserve to know what has held it up.


1. My Board of Trustees and I want to do it right. We are researching formats and raising funds to ensure that we have the right equipment on my end and start well and do not have to ask you all to keep changing from one format to another as we grow.


2. I have had difficulties at work that have taken significant time outside of my office hours to resolve. Time I typically devote to you. To PorchSwing. Time I would have used to see to #1. Those difficulties for my part are resolved. So I can get back to #1 again soon.


3. I am talking with techy friends here who do podcasting and video conferencing. They are complete rockin' geeks of the best kind. Basically they are going to do the technical research, give me options, I will choose what is best for us, and they will make the technicals happen. That is the best news ever since me doing this part myself would mean it could be years before I could get it working--I am not a hardware/software person. I am a user.


4. Finally, you may have seen posts out in social media land that Jimmy Hinton are collaborating on a number of projects. This is one of them. I have invited him to be a part of our PorchSwing Worship. In addition to my preaching, you will on occasion, perhaps even more than occasionally, have the benefit of Jimmy's preaching.


So. That's where that is. It is coming along. Plans are being made.

Pray for this. I want and need it. Worshiping God together is a vital aspect of Kingdom community.


Love and blessings,


Feb 3


Hi Christine, should I watch this space for any further updates? I have tuned in to a Sunday morning bible study at Somerset with Jimmy, but have also used Sundays for re-investigating scripture regarding 'church' and fellowship etc. I will check back in to Jimmy's live streaming in the meantime as I can. I live in Australia by the way. :)

PS I totally understand there are tech issue to sort out. It is one of the reasons my blog looks more like an experiment than a going concern :) I'm glad you have some techies to work with.

New Posts
  • A few have asked about how to change your username so that you can attend tomorrow's Meet & Greet and not use your name or email address. It's very simple to do. 1. Hover over your photo icon in the login bar 2. Click on Profile in the drop down box 3. You will see a place to edit your photo and Username in the window that opens 4. Click edit and change your name 5. Be sure to click on save when you are done to save your changes!
  • It's finally coming this weekend! Our first IN PERSON gathering...well...online in person. We will be using https://business-hangouts.com/ and as soon as I have completed the setup with BH and YouTube, I will be ready to send out invitations to our gathering. Please let me know if you want to attend by sending me your email or cell # you want to use to connect with to my email at christine@porchswingministries.com. Sunday, March 31 at 4:00PM Eastern Time.
  • This morning I am drawing strength for the week by praising God for what IS happening that is shining light in the darkness of the church, and cleaning house in the Body of Christ. Jesus is in the temple with his whip. The house I was hurt in may never be exposed, those deceived sheep may never know the truth. I am trying to detach from that justice I so long for and thank God for what IS happening. Let’s all pray this issue moves out of only activist consciousness and into the mainstream general knowledge of the average church-goer: That all will know they need to watch out for, report and protect against predators in church environments.

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