Dec 22, 2018

Checking in!

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I have been unable to access the forum so I'm glad to somehow get back in this morning. Is there an appropriate section for just checking in?


I've been made aware of a couple of very high profile situations in churches which are weighing on my heart as I support the survivors wanting to come forward but not knowing how to safely. They are driven by concern for other victims and the injustice of seeing the perpetrators carry on with such protection and favor. Today I must admit the "church" seems to resemble the mob more than anything else I can think of at the moment.


A childhood friend is coming to stay tonight. We will laugh, cry, talk about the heavy and the remarkably trivial with the comfort of 45 years of enjoying each other through every life season. Peace to all of you here!

Sorry to hear about all of this! Anytime you cannot log in, try clearing your cache. If that doesn't work, please let me know. As to survivors coming forward, that's a heavy task, as you know. I would direct them to Jimmy Hinton. He's really the expert in that area. For supportive community and pastoral care, they will of course find that here. I think we do need a thread for checking in...I will set that up. Thanks for the idea!


Blessings on tonight! Much love...Christine

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  • Good morning dear ones! I began this morning with, of course, my coffee. I then chatted with a Survivor who emailed yesterday for the first time. Abuse is no respector of Holy Days—we all know that oh so very well. And then, I prayed over each one of you by name. I prayed you experience a day of peace. I prayed you experience a bit of God’s love. I prayed no matter what your day looks like today, you will find quiet rest in it. I lifted each of you to God’s throne and laid you in God’s arms. God has you. That may frighten you. That’s ok. If it does. Remember, I prayed peace over you. God is the giver of peace. God holds you for healing. Lean into that if you can. God has you. You may not feel that. Don’t fret. It doesn’t change the facts. God has you. You may be angry at God and me for this prayer. That’s ok. We can both handle it. God already had you. God never left. God sings over you to gentle you with God‘s love. You have reason to be angry. God has you. That may bring you great joy. I rejoice with You. Perhaps you feel a confused jumble of some or all of these things. That’s ok. God’s got us all. I love you, My PorchSwingers!! You are in my heart today and everyday
  • Greetings! Sorry I have been out of touch for so long! Just days after my two sons and My Molly (eldest's wife) returned to college, I made the 12-hour trek down to see them for 5 days. Aaron, my oldest, attends the seminary I graduated from. I spent a day there visiting with my dear professors. What a treasure it was to see my son receiving the gifts I received and being the man God made him to be! Then he and I headed over to where his wife is finishing her degree and my youngest, Noah, has just begun his a couple of hours away (Aaron commutes one day a week for classes). I attended two of Noah's concerts--one choir and one cello--and Molly's senior art show. Visited with some young people who asked to meet up, and caught up with some dear friends. Since then I have been playing I'm-Not-as-Young-as-I-Used-to-Be again. Took a few more days than usual to get rested and my back! Oh my aching back. I have a birth defect in my lower lumbar that really cannot handle the 12-hour drive in one day anymore. We do not like to be told what to do so we ignore our nasty little fractures and pay those pipers later on. :) All that to say, it was all delightfully worth it, but I have been out and about and am glad to be back with you all. I wanted to let you know the photo for this thread is a watercolor portrait Molly did after I shared with her the feeling of being held in God's arms as God healed me in the months and years after I learned of my ex-husband's secrets and lies. The photo doesn't show God's arms well, but they are just barely visible. She captured the sense of deep sorrow and peace that I experienced together in many moments as God held, healed, and surrendered me. This morning I pray those very things for us all. God's holding, healing, and surrenduring.
  • Thanksgiving is in the past and I hope everyone had an endurable time and most had an enjoyable time. But what's next? Christmas of course. For some of us that's even harder. I live in a town where I have no family and family is all the rage every day of the year, not just holidays. I mean, I could spend Christmas with another family. But I don't really want to (read about that here ). This year my youngest son will be here for a month! An entire month--home from college. Not sure what we will do for Christmas Day actual. His dad works retail so will only have the Day off. But my son does not particularly like his father and is no longer under a parenting agreement. Still, I am sure he will be at his dad's some that day. He is not cut off completely. That is good. But otherwise, as far as I know, it will be me and my boy. My older son and DIL will be with her parents in another country: Texas. I had them all last week, so no worries. I get all the love too. What do we do, PorchSwingers, when life is full of ups and downs? What do we do when some of us have good holidays and some of us hurt more than we thought possible? Do we keep it all to ourselves so as to not hurt anyone's feelings? Nope. That's not what we are about here. Here we weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. This is the path to community. This is the path to healing. To stand in a space where it is safe to share your pain and your joy, your love and your sorrow without fear of recrimination but instead knowing your sharing will be received with steadfast lovingkindness. As I invite you to share whatever is on your heart, let us give this gift to one another this first Christmas on the PorchSwing.

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