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  • A few have asked about how to change your username so that you can attend tomorrow's Meet & Greet and not use your name or email address. It's very simple to do. 1. Hover over your photo icon in the login bar 2. Click on Profile in the drop down box 3. You will see a place to edit your photo and Username in the window that opens 4. Click edit and change your name 5. Be sure to click on save when you are done to save your changes!
  • It's finally coming this weekend! Our first IN PERSON gathering...well...online in person. We will be using https://business-hangouts.com/ and as soon as I have completed the setup with BH and YouTube, I will be ready to send out invitations to our gathering. Please let me know if you want to attend by sending me your email or cell # you want to use to connect with to my email at christine@porchswingministries.com. Sunday, March 31 at 4:00PM Eastern Time.
  • I need some help sorting this out-many if you know the organist at my old church was charged with child sexual abuse of a student. Pending the trial, he deeply wants to worship at the church with his family. At first the Bishop said no, but the priest begged for dispensation- and he’s allowed to come on Sunday and a Vestry member sits with him, not as a guard but to make sure he’s not feeling abandoned. A friend told me yesterday he and his family sit in the left side of the church which is where a majority of others sat, but now all the others have moved to the right side, leaving him and his family there alone. Is it weird this breaks my heart? I hate to think of anyone having to go thru hard times alone- and just the fact that everyone is deserting him makes me want to go sit in the pew behind him, so he won’t be alone. There is no reason that would make me go back to that church, but for this acceded child molester I’d go to be with him. FYI we had a man in a wheelchair who couldn’t get up the steps to the altar for communion and I would sometimes kneel beside his wheelchair in front of the steps because I couldn’t bear for him to be excluded either.) I am also furious at “good” church people who are saying so loudly - he is bad and we are good. We are going to have nothing to do with him. Aren’t we all bad? I do hear Jesus’ words in my ear... let him who is without sin... none of us are without sin. How dare they sit in judgment of him and not examine their own participation in sin...and - here’s the irony- when they declare him innocent and the young victim? They’ve said It’s just malicious gossip against the organist. For gods sake, if they think he’s innocent, go sit with him! if you’re gonna fight for him to be able to come to the church, then be with him in the fight! Don’t beg the Bishop to let him come then go sit in the opposite side of the church. This drives me crazy. Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. But how dare they beg the Bishop to let him come then go out of their way to condemn him within the church setting? I’m also struck thru the heart they went to the Bishop to see how they can help this man worship there. Did they go to the Bishop to ask how to help a victim (me) worship there? Did they say, Bishop, our hearts are broken this victim of sexual abuse isn’t coming to church- what can we do to welcome her, minister to her? I have so many conflicting feelings on this matter- help me cut thru what is false “pity” and what does the love of God look like in this situation? I know I am reenacting old patterns of “protect and take care of the perp because oh poor them they are unhappy”, but what’s healthy? Why am I angry at good people who don’t want to associate with a child molester tho they’ve allowed him to attend church with them? And is it sour grapes to say they went to the Bishop for him, but not for me?

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