PorchSwing MISSION

PorchSwing Ministries, Inc seeks to offer a safe space where church abuse survivors can find Kingdom community in ways that feel safe and, hopefully, lead them back into the vibrant Kingdom life they once had and continue to yearn for.

PorchSwing Ministries, Inc

is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax exempt organized on

September 27, 2018 for the purpose of ministering to survivors of all forms of

church abuse, preventing church abuse, and 

providing education for improving survivor care and increasing the safety of our spaces for survivors.  

Board of Trustees

President/Executive Director

 Fox Parker

Vice President



Brown Tysinger

Message from the Trustees

With great pleasure, the Board of Trustees officially welcomes Christine Fox Parker to her role as full-time Minister at PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. Although Christine has been filling this role since the beginning of PorchSwing, she has been employed elsewhere and was unable to devote herself fully to the mission of the PorchSwing. 

Christine will continue to fill her roles as President/Executive Director and Minister on a volunteer basis until the Board of Trustees determines PorchSwing has the funds to both maintain operations and provide Christine with a salary for her valuable work and ministry. It is our desire to provide that salary in the near future. To become a monthly donor or make a one-time gift, click on the donate button below. 

--Jimmy Hinton

Vice President

--Kathleen Tysinger


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